Covid-19, What are we doing? Let’s get back to work!

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To my elected officials: 

During the pandemic of 2020 you demanded we stay home, you closed schools, businesses, manufacturing, retail outlets, restaurants, and more. You insisted this was to stop the public from overwhelming the hospitals and to ‘flatten the curve’. The people who voted for you obeyed and stayed in. 

As the weeks wore on, people bought into the fear tactics being slung about by the media, the government, and anyone who disagreed with someone who believed it was ‘their duty’ to tell everyone that leaving the house would certainly kill everyone. 

But no one thought about the deaths from suicide, the people who will become homeless due to lack of work, the children who are going hungry, the domestic abuse that would increase, the lack of medical care for anyone who does not have covid-19 (and that is 99% of the population!). The land of the free is not as free as it used to be, and many not only think it’s ok. They insist it should be this way. Again, we must remember that going out in public may cause death to all. 

It’s sad to me that we cannot all do what is best for each of us, if you feel unsafe, stay home. Use delivery services, and do not have people in that you consider at risk. Keep doing exactly what you have been doing, or don’t. If you feel it is ok to go out, then go out. Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. Wear gloves, don’t. It’s not my job to tell you how to live or protect yourself, and it’s not your job to tell me how to take care of me. Going out is not a death sentence, and staying in is not a guarantee of life. No one is ‘right’, we are all just people with opinions, and they all matter.

We have killed a healthy economy. We have taken a low unemployment rate and turned it into soup. When someone says stay home most respond with “shew, good… I was scared”. To what end people? TO WHAT END? At some point, we have to go outside. We have to go back to being around people. WE HAVE TO LET PEOPLE EARN A LIVING!!!! NOT everyone gets a free ride from the government or has a job, or a family member to support them. We will have a problem with homelessness very soon, and those of you jumping up and down to stay closed, stay in, keep everything closed better be ready to pony up a large chunk of whatever you have left to help those people. It may be a disease that started this, but your fear is what is keeping it going. 

To those reading:
Don’t assume you know how I’m living because of this post. You don’t. I may be hunkering down, I may not. I may choose a mask, or not. Perhaps I go to the store every day, or maybe I haven’t left my house in a month. The point is my opinion does not define my actions.


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